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Boiler Service Contracts
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Anyone who has ever been responsible for a Boiler Room knows that Murphy’s Law prevails (If anything can go wrong, it will).  The reality is that most failures can be prevented.  Zuuk offers custom service contracts to meet every client’s budget.

Service agreements can provide:

  • Cost benefits – preventative measures avoiding costly repairs and downtime
  • Quality Assurance – ensures acceptable process steam
  • Compliance – Annual State Certification and/or NBIC (National Boiler Inspection Code) and CSD-1 (ASME Control Safety Devices)
  • Insurance credits


Free Boiler Room Analysis

Zuuk offers a free assessment of a boiler for potential customers within 30-miles of Zuuk Corporate (Charleston).  The resulting report provided will include:

  • Water level verification
  • Water column blow down and Low water cut-off operation
  • Water temperature verification
  • Feedwater pump(s) check
  • Man-hole and hand-hole check
  • Exterior integrity


To schedule a site visit, please complete our form request below or call 843.414.8500.

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