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Home Archive by Category "Uncategorized"
  • Zuuk International Water

At the end of 2018, Zuuk replaced a mechanism called the Rotary Press at Charleston Water System, a public water and wastewater utility serving the Greater Charleston area. Charleston Water System provides such an important service to the Charleston and Zuuk was pleased to be able to assist in...

  • PAUT

Zuuk Inspection, more commonly known as ZNDT, specializes in phased array ultrasonic testing .  PAUT is based on principles of wave physics.  The term phased refers to the timing, and the term array refers to the multiple elements.  This volumetric inspection method has become more popular in recent...

  • Kemira Zuuk International

In mid-2017, an European chemical company contracted Zuuk Industrial (ZI) to perform repairs on a Babcock & Wilcox “D”- type, water-tube boiler.  In accordance with the client’s safety program and state regulations, the majority of the work was governed by National Boiler Inspection Code (NBIC) in accordance with Section...

  • Crane Zuuk

In recent years, The SCPA (South Carolina Ports Authority) has committed $1.3-billion in capital to modernize the container terminals in Charleston. A major component of this upgrade was modifying current container cranes with the ability to accommodate post-Panamax vessels.  In addition to procurement of new cranes, four (4) existing...