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Container Crane Modification
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In recent years, The SCPA (South Carolina Ports Authority) has committed $1.3-billion in capital to modernize the container terminals in Charleston. A major component of this upgrade was modifying current container cranes with the ability to accommodate post-Panamax vessels.  In addition to procurement of new cranes, four (4) existing cranes are being raised 40-feet via a modification (lengthening) of the existing legs.

ZPMC is the common brand under Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited.  It was founded in 1992 to specialize in the design, manufacture, erection and modification of port machinery, particularly in the container crane sector.  ZPMC has had a long-standing relationship with the SCPA and has recently been awarded both the delivery of new cranes and the modernization of existing equipment.

Zuuk Industrial was fortunate to be included in the team to raise the cranes.  Our part was to provide skilled welding required to modify/lengthen the legs of the cranes.  Welding was performed in accordance with Zuuk welding procedures and the American Society (AWS) standards.  All weld joint welds were inspected and tested to the highest standards of scrutiny.

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