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Standard Non-destructive Examination (NDE) inspections can become relatively commoditized; however, the communication (reports) of data can be customized to meet the analytical demands of the client.  Zuuk Inspection recently had a large, international client approach us with a dilemma.  It had been using one individual for decades to provide one very specific type of inspection.  This individual had worked with the client at such length in this specific capacity that the PM program evolved with his inspection style [and reporting].  As such, the client was cautious about selecting the next generation of inspector in this capacity.

Zuuk designed a reporting software that was unique to the client and incorporated all of the desirable aspects of the previous reporting acumen.  The software was created to give the client the ability to request alterations to the formats and delivery sequence of the data.  Through Zuuk’s initial investment in software development, the first project was completed on time, on-budget and has paved the way for future reporting at other plants.

What about having the caption “UTT Grid Application of Power Piping” under the picture, instead of putting something in the article – it was difficult to throw it in anywhere without it seeming forced.


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