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D-Style Tube Renewal
  • Kemira Zuuk International

In mid-2017, an European chemical company contracted Zuuk Industrial (ZI) to perform repairs on a Babcock & Wilcox “D”- type, water-tube boiler.  In accordance with the client’s safety program and state regulations, the majority of the work was governed by National Boiler Inspection Code (NBIC) in accordance with Section I and Section IX of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) code.  As a holder of the NBBI “R”-stamp, Zuuk was qualified to perform this project.


The project had to fit into a tight schedule window, or else it would negatively impact the owner’s production schedule.  The original scope consisted of the replacement of “D” (outer furnace) row tubes, and associated refractory repairs.  Except for the required Authorized Inspector (AI), the ZI team self-performed all aspects of the project.


The original scope of work was to remove the casing, locate the damaged tubes, perform a collateral inspection, and conduct the scheduled and necessary repairs.  Additional repairs and discovered maintenance items were also performed within the same schedule window.   After the unit was opened, the team re-evaluated its approach.  The project was executed follows:


  1. Crop off casing – there was an outer sheathing (lagging), insulation and an inner casing (formed by tube-to-tube membrane).
  2. Crop out damaged tubes.
  3. Remove the remaining nipples from the upper and lower drums.
  4. Perform modifications to ensure a proper fit of the installed tubes.
  5. Replace PRV’s (safeties), and repair damage caused by a steam cut on the flange of the boiler.
  6. Accomplish additional refractory repairs to furnish the front wall.


Leveraging an efficient relationship between all stakeholders, Zuuk beat the deadline, performed additional work, and met the client’s original budget.

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