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Employment Opportunities - Industrial Supervisor


Charleston, SC
Depends on value to firm (hourly)
Full-time employment

An Industrial Supervisor reports directly to the General Manager or designee.  He or she is involved with; or directly responsible for; project management, which may include planning and estimating.

Character and Attributes Required

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Team player
  • Strong Leader
  • Strong sense of proper prioritization
  • Multi-tasker
  • Manage Crisis (problem solver)
  • Decision-maker, resource assessment and allocation
  • High regard for safety, quality and efficiency


General Requirements:

  • Possesses and utilizes strong communication skills, both written & verbal
  • Physical ability (including vision) to perform required tasks
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Safe Driver (DMV record must meet the requirements of the Company insurance provider)
  • Represent the Company in an ethical and professional manner
  • Willing to travel as necessary
  • Willing to dedicate as much time as necessary to accomplish requirements timely



  • Five (5) years of Construction Management, Engineering and/or Planning/Estimating experience (or equivalent education, certification or accreditation)
  • Full understanding of Quality Systems and the planning and execution of a project from concept to invoice


Valued Skills / Knowledge (not required, but preferred)

  • Working Knowledge and/or experience with:
    • Pressure vessels, heat exchangers
    • Repairing and installing industrial systems
    • Boilers, pipe & related activities
    • Piping and mechanical systems, including plant maintenance
    • Written welding procedures / welding and qualifications
    • Applicable codes, legislation and requirements

    Application of the following:

    • ASME Section I
    • ASME Section V
    • ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 and 2
    • ASME Section IX
    • ASME B 31.1
    • NBIC
    • AWS D1.1
    • ASNT-TC-1A
    • API


Job Responsibilities

  • General
    • Develop and maintain a productive balance between immediate project needs and the long term goals of the firm
    • Recommend new processes to improve quality, reduce cost, and increase profit
    • Maintain awareness of safety and environmental requirements
  • Planning and Estimating
    • Participate in and review of quotations and proposals
    • Assist with work load forecasting and personnel qualification
    • Ensure proper QA is applied to, and carried out for assigned projects
    • Develop and implement recovery plans for off-schedule and unanticipated occurrences
  • Production
    • Perform trade skills when necessary
    • Manage projects and personnel
    • Ensure Project Teams achieve project goals
    • Identify project scope changes and prepare job change notices for submittal to clients


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