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PAUT and AWS D1.1
  • By zuuk
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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is a viable alternative to radiography and / or conventional UT for volumetric assessment of structural components.  By means of a thorough procedure written by a UT Level III with PAUT experience, the technology can be adapted to the current versions of AWS D1.1.


Currently, AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code – Steel, addresses “advanced ultrasonic systems”, which is applicable to but not limited to multiple probe, multichannel, automated inspection, time-of-flight diffraction and PAUT.  The advanced ultrasonic systems section also lists basic requirements for procedures, personnel, and reporting, but provides no specific requirements for PAUT or, for that matter, any other advanced ultrasonic system.  This requires users who want to implement these technologies to adapt the systems to the code requirements in the best manner possible using their knowledge of the technologies and how they relate to the product forms to be tested.


AWS D1.1 Annex S provides an alternative and more conducive avenue for applying PAUT in accordance with the current code and may be used with Engineer’s approval.  Annex S was created with the intent to provide users a method for inspecting materials outside the limitations of the main body of the code.  PAUT has been found to adapt well to this methodology, and has been approved and used successfully on several projects to date.

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