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Rotary Press Replacement
  • Zuuk International Water

At the end of 2018, Zuuk replaced a mechanism called the Rotary Press at Charleston Water System, a public water and wastewater utility serving the Greater Charleston area. Charleston Water System provides such an important service to the Charleston and Zuuk was pleased to be able to assist in repairs that will help the site operate smoothly.

The rotary press’s function is to remove liquid from waste matter. Zuuk replaced the complete rotary press system. Zuuk’s task was to stage and install the rotary press, occulator and all associated electrical appurtenances. Zuuk disassembled and moved all components of the existing rotary press to another facility. The lines and augers were replaced in the receiving conveyer and distribution conveyer were reestablished.

About Zuuk

Zuuk International has three divisions: Industrial, Inspection and Commercial/Mechanical. Zuuk Industrial (ZI) focuses on high-quality, high-profile time-critical [capital repair/construction] projects, governed by the most stringent mechanical and nuclear codes. Zuuk Inspection (ZNDT) oers a full spectrum of non-destructive testing and examination services under codes, including ASME, API, AWS, AWWA, ANSI, ABS, MIL-STD, ASTM and others. Zuuk Commercial/Mechanical (ZCM) provides maintenance, routine repair, mechanical modification and service.

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