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Home Small Leaks Never Get SMALLER
Small Leaks Never Get SMALLER
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Sometimes boiler operators will ignore small leaks.  If it is not disrupting the operation of the boiler, it is often overlooked.  Pressure vessel leaks are typically cause for concern, but piping leaks can go undetected.


All water lost from the system must be replaced by the addition of fresh water, which can bring a new supply of those scale-causing minerals.  Scale build-up will eventually cause tube failure and internal leaks.


The loss of hot boiler water may also contribute to external corrosion.


The installation of a water meter in the make-up water system assists in detecting a leak.  They are typically small and inexpensive, but invaluable in early prevention, especially if part of the system is inaccessible during operation.  More often, early detection allows corrective action before damage occurs.

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